Our cuisine


Our cuisine is traditional from Santa Pola

We always work with first quality raw materials for the preparation of typical dishes, like fish and shellfish from the Santa Pola bay. Everyday we go to the fish market in the Santa Pola sea port to buy products with the “PEIX DE SANTA POLA” certificate of origin. Chiringuito Azul has been recognised with the quality distinctive “PEIX DE SANTA POLA” by the Fisherman’s Association and the Agency of Local Development, which allows us to serve our dishes with total guarantee of excellent quality.


Our specialities are fish rice dishes as “caldero de galina” or “arroces de pescado (a banda, de marisco, negro o de bogavante), fish noodles dishes as “fideua” and potato and fish dishes as “rostidera de pescado”. Special mention is also worth for our typical seafood “tapas” as grilled squid rings, fried fish, baby squid, “gambusi” or our famous snails in spicy tomato sauce.